Location: 50 ft south of WEST SHORE RD at TEL pole # 9   

20 burials with 12 inscriptions from 1833 to 1898

65  ft x 65   ft in fair condition enclosed with a metal fence; sign ???

Tax Assessors Map #: Plat #: 319   Lot #: 504   

NOTE: James N Arnold visited this lot 24 Aug 1890; Vol 2 Pg 208.  "South of the Spring Green Creek and at the railroad bridge, under the road a burial yard considerable neglected, though well fenced." adjacent to WK045.  Surrounded by a chain link fence and a wooden stockade fence, separating it from the surrounding apartments.

Some of the gravestones were moved to Brayton Cemetery - WK034.                                               

This cemetery has been recorded and checked.