Location: 400 ft northeast of SANDY LANE at TEL pole # 31  

6 burials with 3 inscriptions from 1857 to 1890

20ft x 20ft in poor condition no enclosure; sign in good condition

Tax Assessors Map #: Plat #: 338   Lot #: 2     

NOTE: James N Arnold recorded this lot 24 Aug 1890; Vol 1 Pg 162; "In the neighborhood of the Thomas Warner Burial Ground we find a Briggs burial yard in which first we find a line of 10 graves marked with rude stones and scattered about at the feet 7 large and 8 small graves marked similar and probably may have been near where marks have been taken away.  Within an enclosed yard we find the following:"                                  

Beside school parking lot at St Kevins Church.                                                                

Recorded by Benns in 1937 #707                                                                                

This cemetery has been recorded and checked.