Don D'Amato's History of Warwick

Don D'Amato's History of Warwick, Rhode Island

By Don D'Amato

Today, Warwick, with a population exceeding 86,000, is Rhode Island's second largest city. It is conveniently located near all the major business, cultural and recreation centers of New England. Providence is only ten minutes away; Boston but one hour. Cape Cod can be reached in about seventy-five minutes and the Connecticut Casinos in less than an hour. With the airport, interstate highways and rail service New York is easily reached, as are the ski slopes of the northern states. Warwick is at "The Crossroads of New England."

Warwick's natural beauty along Greenwich Bay, its historical significance and modern potential continue to attract tourists, business, movie producers and those looking for the serenity of a suburban area with the advantages of a modern city. Warwick provides that and more as it has made a dynamic impact on Rhode Island in the late 20th and 21st centuries.

A large part of the city’s significance and charm can be traced back through its more than 370 year history. Thanks to many spirited leaders in both the community and City Hall, Warwick has come to realize that its heritage mirrors that of the state and the country. Warwick, probably more than any other community in Rhode Island, has had many trials and tribulations in its fight to establish the freedoms we so dearly cherish today. Much of the struggle and the success can be found by studying the history of its villages and their impact on the city.

Hopefully, this series of articles on Warwick’s villages and historic places, then and now, will develop into a useful tool in order that we, as well as our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, will have a better understanding of our world. An understanding of the past may help us cherish and preserve the values that have been established and are part of our heritage.

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